On July 7, 2015, the US National Weather Service implemented a new set of icons for weather conditions reporting, and a new 6-hour icon dynamically created when there are changing conditions during the 12 hour forecast. To do this, a new script (DualImage.php) was created to blend two images together from image templates (in forecast/icon-templates) and a resulting image displayed to the browser. An updated advforecast2.php V4.00 (6-Jul-2015) was released to support the dual-image function. The following base images were added to the NWS set for the July 7,2015 DualIcon NWS forecasts in forecast/images/ subdirectory: hur_warn.jpg hur_watch.jpg nsnip.jpg nsnip10.jpg nsnip100.jpg nsnip20.jpg nsnip30.jpg nsnip40.jpg nsnip50.jpg nsnip60.jpg nsnip70.jpg nsnip80.jpg nsnip90.jpg nwind_bkn.jpg nwind_few.jpg nwind_ovc.jpg nwind_sct.jpg nwind_skc.jpg snip.jpg snip10.jpg snip100.jpg snip20.jpg snip30.jpg snip40.jpg snip50.jpg snip60.jpg snip70.jpg snip80.jpg snip90.jpg ts_nowarn.jpg ts_warn.jpg ts_watch.jpg wind_bkn.jpg wind_few.jpg wind_ovc.jpg wind_sct.jpg wind_skc.jpg