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Tech News

ZDNet Blogs
Tue, 23 Dec 14 00:06:12 +0000
​It's raining lawsuits in India: Micromax and OnePlus face off in battle of the Cyanogens After the Ericsson-Xiaomi fracas, this is the second lawsuit between phone makers in less than a month in India.

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Mon, 22 Dec 14 23:52:55 +0000
​North Korea's Internet is down for the count North Korea's limited Internet has been knocked out.

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Mon, 22 Dec 14 23:48:00 +0000
Apple releases security update for critical NTP vulnerability in OS X Apple has issued a security update to address a critical security issue with OS X's Network Time Protocol service.

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Mon, 22 Dec 14 23:08:00 +0000
Android Lollipop: Still a Sucker Google's latest version of its mobile OS is an improvement, but it's still a resource hog, laggy and highly unstable.

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Mon, 22 Dec 14 22:06:46 +0000
​End of the line for Nokia as Microsoft begins new gambit for lost dominance in India A decade or so ago, Microsoft used to have a stranglehold over operating systems, but today, the ones that dominate are those made by Google and Apple that run your phones and tablets. By reorienting Nokia, can Microsoft recapture its lost glory?

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Mon, 22 Dec 14 21:09:00 +0000
Google: Gov't data removal requests dipped slightly over 2013 The top three Google products cited in data removal requests from federal agencies came down to Blogger, Search and YouTube.

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Mon, 22 Dec 14 19:01:04 +0000
Oracle: Enterprise social must fit corporate culture Oracle's Group VP of Social Cloud talks about the social enterprise, customers, CRM, and women in STEM.

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Mon, 22 Dec 14 17:40:00 +0000
White House nudges Congress to revisit controversial 'CISPA-style' laws after Sony attack President Obama's remarks about wanting Congress to work on "stronger cybersecurity laws" are reminiscent of one controversial bill that angered privacy groups.

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Mon, 22 Dec 14 16:46:41 +0000
2015: Looking forward to upcoming DIY-IT projects There is a lot coming up in 2015. In this article, we share with you some of the projects we'll be working on beginning next year.

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Mon, 22 Dec 14 15:38:00 +0000
MapR CEO talks Hadoop, IPO possibilities for 2015 MapR CEO John Schroeder offered a bit of Hadoop prognosticating for the coming year, while also hinting that an initial public offering was definitely in the cards.

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Mon, 22 Dec 14 15:13:04 +0000
2014 in review: Best stories and mobile devices, questions for 2015 2014 was another great year in the mobile space with Android dominating the smartphone space and Matthew Miller's top stories.

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Mon, 22 Dec 14 15:09:00 +0000
Boeing turns to BlackBerry for help creating super-secret, self-destructing 'Black' smartphone Aircraft manufacturer and defense contractor Boeing has turned to Canadian telecommunication form BlackBerry for help developing its super-secret, self-destructing 'Black' smartphone.

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Mon, 22 Dec 14 14:42:00 +0000
Updated: Best last-minute Christmas deals on Apple iPad Air, mini tablets The final days for holiday shopping can't match Black Friday for sales, but procrastinators can save a little on iPads with these specials.

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Mon, 22 Dec 14 14:18:08 +0000
Evernote rolls out Context support for Android and Windows platforms Evernote continues to improve their service with the latest update showcasing its augmented intelligence technology.

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Mon, 22 Dec 14 14:18:03 +0000
Using open source to deliver business value Price is not the only advantage of open-source software; open source can deliver significant value in a number of other ways.

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Mon, 22 Dec 14 14:00:26 +0000
Version 3 of FoundationDB's Key-Value Store database announced FoundationDB wants developers to stop reaching for a traditional RDBMS as the answer to every data management problem.

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Mon, 22 Dec 14 13:50:00 +0000
Defeated Brazilian presidential candidate sues Twitter Unhappy with tweets posted during this year's elections, politician demands access to details of users of the microblogging service.

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Mon, 22 Dec 14 13:34:58 +0000
2014: The year Apple got me to dump Android An Android user since the platform's beginning, I dropped it this year and Apple's to blame.

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Mon, 22 Dec 14 13:31:00 +0000
Oracle buys Datalogix, beefs up digital marketing cloud Oracle's acquisition of Datalogix complements the purchase of BlueKai and rounds out its data cloud.

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Mon, 22 Dec 14 13:00:04 +0000
China dumping foreign tech; It could work The Chinese government has been working for a long time on replacing foreign, largely American, technology with home-grown alternatives, but conditions are much better for them than in the past.

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